Balsam Drug and Medical Equipment Co. (Dubai, UAE)

Over 27 Years of Dispensing Reliable and Affordable Medical Treatment

E-Life is one of Balsamís dedicated partner focus on Orthopedic and Rehabilitation soft goods.† Its products are designed for various applications. It provide comfortable, firm support for injured or weak joints, but they also reduce the chance of re-injury during activities following rehabilitation program.

Balsam is the exclusive agent for a Europe-based Pelz manufacturer of beauty care, feminine hygiene , baby care products..

Exclusive Product Suppliers

We would like to introduce our selves as a Local Retailer, Agent, Distributor of Pharmaceuticals,, Para Pharmaceuticals,Cosmetics, Food Supplements, Medical Equipments, Medical Disposables, hygienic products.We are the exclusive dealers of below manufacturers.


Pelz †††††


Amman is a Jordan based pharmaceutical manufacturer specializing in ENT eye drops product line. Balsam is the exclusive agent for UAE market for over 5 years now.

Fushima is the maker† of famous Fussy hair kits for individuals and families.† Great for daily use and as a gift items. Balsamís business relationship with Fushima is over 10 years.

A Europe based manufacturer of general health items. With partnership as agent of more than 10 years.

A far-east based medical equipment manufacturer from wheelchair to cane to assorted support equipment. A partnership with more than 10 years now and going strong.

A far-east based baby products manufacturing plant and distributor. With partnership in the middle east for more than 15 years.

A far-east based bandage and gauze manufacturer with wide a variety size and format.† Our relationship with SINSIN was over 10 years.

A Jordan based multi-product medical manufacturing company.† Relationship with Balsam for the last 10 Years.

A huge medical manufacturing company with multi-product lines.

A UK based pharmaceutical† manufacturing company with multiple product line.

A Taiwan-based hot and cold health plastic products. Balsam has a healthy relationship with them for over 10 years.

A Jordan-based medical manufacturing company, with business relationship over 5 years.