Balsam Drug and Medical Equipment Co. (Dubai, UAE)

Over 27 Years of Dispensing Reliable and Affordable Medical Treatment

The 2 Vigorous Balsam Leaders  (L-R: Mr. Omar and  Mr. Saadat)

About Us

Company Profile

Balsam Drug and Medical Equipment Store was founded in 1981, since then it has grown and established 5 retail pharmacies in different strategic community in Dubai, UAE. We are proud of our humble beginning 27 years back. Presently, our company represents various successful pharmaceutical brands all over the world from para-pharmaceutical to personal hygiene, cosmetics, toiletries and medical equipment companies. Our core business is wholesale operation addressing the need of bulk buyers and secondly the consumers or end users. As part of our on-going activities, we are continuously on the look-out for more viable product line from different companies especially geared towards consumer line. Branch outlet expansion program is a continuous endeavor to increase our chain of pharmacies to better serve the growing community of UAE population. Along this line, we plan to start 2 nutrition shops for supplements and nutrition items in the UAE.

Company Structure

Balsam Drug & Medical Equipment Store is a partnership between His Excellency Ahmed Atiq al Jumairi, a former undersecretary of Ministry of Labour and former Director of Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS) and Mr. Saadat Abdul Muhdi, a professional Pharmacist and well known businessman in the pharmaceutical trading in UAE for the past 25 years. The company’s total capitalization is about 4.5M Dirhams with an annual turn-over of 15 M Dirhams. H.E. Al Jumairi holds the position of Chairman and  with Mr. Saadat Muhdi acting as the Managing Director for the group.


The company is operating and covering all of UAE market including private and public hospitals, medical centers, family clinics, supplying their purchasing need, inquiries and request for tenders.

The company has a total of about 45 staff; 7 full time wholesale sales people, 6 full-time Pharmacist in retail operation, 7 Administration/Accounts/ IT staff, 4 full-time Medical Representative, and the rest are support and management team.






Attending a product convention in Germany (L-R: Mr. Saadat, Mr. Omar & Mr. Maamoun.